Woltman hydrant meter DN 40 Model with system separator, Storz coupling and handgrip

Products Application

  • Hydrant
  • Irrigation

Products Medium

  • Water

Products Process

  • Measure

β€’Β  Β Simple and cost-effective exchange of measuring inserts
β€’Β  Β Counter head rotatable
β€’Β  Β No inlet and outlet sections required
β€’Β  Β Can be used for above ground hydrants
β€’Β  Β Robust stainless steel housing (corrosion resistant)
β€’Β  Β Integrated flow straightener

β€’Β  Β Horizontal and vertical installation
β€’Β  Β Nominal size DN 40
β€’Β  Β Nominal pressure 16 bar
β€’Β  Β Temperature range 0 to 50 Β°C
β€’Β  Β Protection class IP68
β€’Β  Β SVGW Certification
β€’Β  Β Stainless steel Storz coupling inlet 55/75 “s” rigid or “d” rotatable with coarse screen
β€’Β  Β BA-V0 backflow preventer, DVGW certified
β€’Β  Β Stainless steel Storz coupling outlet 55 rigid


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