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Competent network renewal with the help of INTEGRA Metering

Discover now how Singtel’s data center was able to renew their network!

In the rapidly evolving world of communication technology, companies are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance their network efficiency and operational excellence. Singtel, a prominent Singaporean communication technology group, recently aimed to overhaul their network communication in their data center. It follows to reason that the company turned to INTEGRA Metering and its customised solutions, as well as Johnson Controls for their integration into the Singtel network.

Singtel, a leading communications technology company, has established itself as a trusted provider of innovative solutions and services across multiple industries. With a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region, Singtel is renowned for its commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability.

Johnson Controls, a global leader in building technologies and solutions, is well-known for its comprehensive range of solutions in the fields of HVAC, fire and security, and energy management. With a wealth of experience Johnson Controls played a crucial role in the successful integration of the CALEC ST III into Singtel’s network infrastructure.

The primary challenge Singtel faced in this undertaking, revolved around transitioning their network communication protocol from Modbus to BACnet in their data center. This shift required a seamless integration process to ensure uninterrupted operations and optimal energy efficiency. Additionally, Singtel required a real-time monitoring of their existing systems that enabled efficient energy management. To overcome these obstacles, Singtel sought the expertise of INTEGRA Metering and enlisted the support of Johnson Controls.

INTEGRA Metering, renowned for its expertise in energy management solutions, provided Singtel with the necessary energy calculators to facilitate the integration process. The CALEC® ST III, a cutting-edge energy calculator with advanced multiple communication features, proved to be the ideal solution for Singtel’s data center requirements. The CALEC® ST III was not only capable of real-time energy consumption monitoring and compatibility with BACnet, but also offered seamless integration capabilities, making the transition from Modbus to BACNET a breeze.

Johnson Controls, with its extensive experience in building technologies, played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth integration process. Their technical expertise and commitment to excellence enabled them to effectively integrate the CALEC® ST III into Singtel’s network infrastructure, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

The successful implementation of CALEC® ST III in Singtel’s data center has exceeded its energy efficiency goals, setting new benchmarks for operational excellence and energy efficiency in the region. Singtel’s commitment to embracing innovative solutions, combined with INTEGRA Metering’s cutting-edge technology and Johnson Controls’ expertise, resulted in a transformative project that revolutionized Singtel’s network communication.

The successful implementation of CALEC® ST III into Singtel’s network infrastructure serves as a testament to the capabilities of INTEGRA Metering and the commitment of all parties involved. This collaborative effort has not only enabled Singtel to transition from Modbus to BACnet seamlessly but has also propelled the data center to new heights of energy efficiency. As technology continues to advance, partnerships like this will continue to shape the future of communication technology, setting new standards for efficiency and sustainability.


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