Our Committed Quality Assurance

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To us, quality means meeting all Customer expectations – and even exceeding them whenever viable. Accordingly, our quality is a key criterion for our Customers in their purchasing decisions, placing of orders, and ultimately a long-term,trusting relationship.

We always act in our customers’ interests and are a reliable partner. Our partnership with our suppliers is a key area, as they represent an important part of our service and quality provision. Our quality policy is set by the management, which has undertaken to make consistent use of the businessmanagement system and its continuous improvement. Our quality policy provides a framework for setting our objectives. In order to document and verify this, we are certified according to the ISO 9001 standard. All acquired informationis communicated.

We are proud of our commitment to the environment. We comply with environmental law and guidelines, and implement measures to protect our environment. By regularly assessing the defined energy parameter, we assure along-term improvement of our energy-related performance. Ongoing development in environmental performance is assessed using indicators such as:

› Efficient use and optimization potential of resources (paper, water, electricity etc.)

› Strict and advanced waste management to reduce and recycle waste, wherever possible

› Efficient use of energy

› Audits

Through environmental management system certification under the internationally recognized standard ISO 14001, we are officially documenting that the environmental management system is introduced effectively across theentire company and put into daily practice.

We ensure health protection and provide appropriate, safety equipment to our staff. We commit to comply with all laws and guidelines applicable to our sectorand activities. Everybody in the company, employees, suppliers, visitors are of concern and play an active role. All staff are aware of their responsibility for safety, and adhere to rules, directives and agreements. We strive to improve the conditions for a healthy and safe work place through audits, suggestions and continuous improvement initiatives. The certification under ISO 45001 demonstrates the priority for INTEGRA Metering.

ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory (Therwil only)

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