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Installation of solutions for a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches

Find out how INTEGRA Metering rose to the challenge by helping a famous Swiss watchmaker to optimize their resources.

The company Winkenbach, an expert in building technology based in La-Chaux-de-Fonds (NE) was on the lookout for a complete thermal energy solution for the new manufacture of a renowned watchmaker. In fact, the famous Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches and mechanical clocks wanted to expand its premises by 10.000 m² in the nearby town of Locle (NE) and create a new building with an innovative architecture, breaking with the standard of watch manufacturers whilst still trying to remain discreet and part of the topography of the Saignoles hills.

The watchmaker’s goal was also to have a brand new factory with low environmental impact while transforming this innovative building into a laboratory for the company’s activities, coupled with workshops, offices and a restaurant.

Supported by Fabrice Mouzeler, head of the heating department in Winkenbach, INTEGRA Metering’s subsidiary Aquametro has worked hard to meet customers’ expectations and provide them with a system of high quality solutions. Among other things, the team deployed and installed complete measuring points with compact ultrasonic flowmeters as well as magnetic flowmeters. A complete range of equipment including CALEC® ST II calculators, temperature sensors, thermowells, and flowmeters from the AMFLO® SONIC UFA 113, AMFLO® MAG SMART and compact AMTRON® SONIC D series was delivered to the site to support Winkenbach and the luxury watch manufacturer in this hot and cold building and infrastructure project.

These solutions are truly part of a sustainable approach. In particular, they measure thermal energy in the heating parts, which will allow an ideal recovery and redistribution of hot and cold in the plant according to the seasons, thanks to precise management of the annual consumption of the building. An important aspect is that Aquametro solutions are in M-Bus® and connected to a Siemens super-vision interconnected throughout the building, allowing rapid and practical thermal energy management as well as efficient data management.

By summing up the above-mentioned points, the famous Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches will be able to optimize its resources while minimizing its costs and its impact on the environment.

The collaboration between Aquametro and Winkenbach was a real success and provided a complete thermal energy solution to manage heating, ventilation, and air conditioning consumption in the most optimal way possible.

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