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INTEGRA Metering installs its first CALECยฎ ST II LoRaWANยฎ

Discover how Aquametro answered the needs of a leading thermal energy company with its CALECยฎ ST II LoRaWANยฎ solution.

Remote reading of all metersโ€™ data has become the new challenge for many utilities providers.

A leading thermal energy provider was looking for a solution to easily access their thermal metersโ€™ indexes remotely. This well-known company with more than 170,000 customers in Switzerland and France focuses on network, energy, heating, renewables, energy efficiency, and develops energy supply solutions for private and commercial customers, as well as for energy companies, cities, and municipalities.

As their exclusive provider of thermal energy meters for the past 10 years it was only natural that the company reached out to at INTEGRA Metering through its Swiss distributor Aquametro AG/SA for this project.

In order to meet our clientsโ€™ requirements, a proof of concept project involving our service team was setup together with Swisscom IoT and accompanied by a dedicated project manager. A first set of CALECยฎ ST II LoRaWANยฎ meters was rolled out under guidance of our technical specialist. LoRaWANยฎ is an IoT (Internet of Things) wireless communication network that offers many advantages, such as improved energy management, increased efficiency, and more visibility for customers.ย  The new CALECยฎ ST II meters communicate over the LoRaWANยฎ network managed and operated by Swisscom.

With the deployment of this solution, the provider can now receive thermal energy consumption data from every meter at 15-minute intervals. This enables accurate and efficient monitoring, reducing waste, and minimizing deployment costs, which results in substantial savings on their total cost of ownership. Pleased about the collaboration and our great performance, the companyโ€™s goal is now to continue adding more CALECยฎ ST II devices with LoRaWANยฎ from INTEGRA Metering in their installations and democratize our fixed-network solutions to their clients in Switzerland and France.

Contact our team now for more information or quotes about our CALECยฎ ST II LoRaWANยฎ solution.

LoRaWANยฎ is a mark used under license from the LoRa Alliance.


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