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INTEGRA Metering’s contribution to the new research center

The construction of a new innovation park required the expertise of INTEGRA Metering. Discover more now!

Innovation plays a crucial role in driving progress and development. INTEGRA Metering aims to be a driving force in innovative approaches and is happy to supply the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and Park InnovAARE with smart metering solutions for the construction of their new innovation park.

The Paul Scherrer Institute, located in Switzerland, is a multidisciplinary research institution specializing in natural sciences and engineering. It is renowned for its cutting-edge research and contributions to various scientific fields. In collaboration with Park InnovAARE, PSI is currently developing an innovation park in Villigen, Switzerland, which will serve as a research center for further advancement in scientific endeavors.

To realize the ambitious vision of this innovation park, PSI and Park InnovAARE sought the expertise of Kämpfer AG, an esteemed Swiss installation company with a solid track record in delivering successful projects. Also part of the project was Enerconom AG, a renowned engineering firm from Solothurn, which ensured that the construction project ran smoothly.

Recognizing the importance of smart metering and building technology in the successful implementation of the innovation park, Enerconom AG issued a call for tenders to find the best partner to meet the expectations of PSI and Park InnovAARE. INTEGRA Metering’s knowledge and expertise were crucial in being selected as a partner in this project. As one of the leading providers of innovative smart metering solutions, INTEGRA Metering was well equipped to support the project and contribute to its success. Offering a wide selection of water and thermal energy solutions, INTEGRA Metering was able to meet the customer’s needs by providing over 190 heating and cooling measuring points. Two key solutions offered by INTEGRA Metering were the CALEC ST III and the AMFLO MAG SMART.

The CALEC ST III is an advanced and accurate thermal energy calculator. It enables precise measurement and monitoring of energy consumption, providing valuable data for optimizing energy efficiency and cost savings. With its user-friendly interface and numerous communication protocols, the CALEC ST III is an ideal choice for large-scale projects like the innovation park.

The AMFLO MAG SMART is an electromagnetic flow meter designed specifically for cooling systems. It offers high accuracy and reliability, ensuring precise measurement of cooling water flow rates. The AMFLO MAG SMART integrates seamlessly with existing building automation systems, enabling real-time monitoring and efficient management of cooling resources.

By incorporating the CALEC ST III and the AMFLO MAG SMART into the innovation park’s infrastructure, INTEGRA Metering provided PSI and Park InnovAARE with several notable benefits:

1. Enhanced energy efficiency: Accurate measurement of heating and cooling energy consumption allows for targeted energy optimization strategies, leading to significant energy savings and reduced environmental impact.

2. Cost optimization: The data provided by the smart metering solutions enables better cost allocation, allowing PSI and Park InnovAARE to optimize their energy spending and improve financial efficiency.

3. Real-time monitoring and control: The integration of INTEGRA Metering’s solutions with building automation systems enables real-time monitoring and control of energy usage, facilitating proactive maintenance and swift response to any anomalies.

By leveraging their expertise in building technology and smart metering, INTEGRA Metering AG has played a crucial role in ensuring the successful construction of the innovation park. The provision of the CALEC ST III and AMFLO MAG SMART solutions has not only enhanced energy efficiency and cost optimization but also facilitated real-time monitoring and control of heating and cooling systems.


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