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Introducing the new CALEC® ST III calculator

Discover more about our new multi-functional thermal energy calculator CALEC® ST III now.

The newest addition to our solution collection, the CALEC® ST III is available in a Standard or a Smart version and features high modularity. Supporting combined, Glycol, Multi-Tariff and various flow sensors, it demonstrates its full flexibility. Furthermore, it covers all measurement applications: from heating, cooling and air-conditioning systems to solar heating. Not stopping there, the CALEC® ST III facilitates smart metering through its optimized commissioning features:

•  Smartphone App for easy and user-friendly configuration

•  New display that shows more information

•  Support of NFC/Bluetooth interfaces

An installation of the CALEC® ST III provides a full integration in most reading solutions, next to smart metering it is an essential tool for:

•  Building Energy automation

•  Energy management systems

•  Mobile reading

•  Fixed networks

•  IoT (Internet of Things) solutions

As such, it not only brings your monitoring and resources management to a completely new level, it is also the perfect solution for the measurement of thermal energy from production to end users.

Find out more on the CALEC® ST III product page now at:


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