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Invigorating the water supply of the city of Zurich

INTEGRA Metering is proud to announce the roll-out of smart water meters in Switzerland, in partnership with the city of Zurich!

As one of the leading providers of smart metering solutions, INTEGRA Metering is proud to carry out the largest roll out of smart water meters in Switzerland with the water supply of the city of Zurich. The decision shows that Zurich trusts in INTEGRA Metering’s expertise and innovative products.

With its famous lake and rivers, the city of Zurich has a water supply system of high technical standard and quality. The water utility now wants to benefit from the advantages of smart ultrasonic meters and has started the roll out to introduce smart water meters in its entire distribution network. As part of this initiative, the City of Zurich will replace its 32,500 mechanical meters with state-of-the-art ultrasonic water meters, improving the measurement and monitoring of water consumption and network operations.

This major meter replacement, which will be completed within the next 12 years, will enable the City of Zurich to achieve greater accuracy, reliability and efficiency in water monitoring and billing. By switching from traditional mechanical meters to smart ultrasonic meters, INTEGRA Metering’s solutions will provide data that will enable efficient status analysis of the supply network. This will ensure the detection of leaks, the identification of irregularities and the optimisation of resource management.

INTEGRA Metering always strives to deliver exceptional quality and precision. This attitude fits perfectly with the City of Zurich’s vision to use smart technologies to improve sustainability and optimise operations. With its extensive experience and expertise, INTEGRA Metering is ideally positioned to successfully deliver this project.

“We are delighted to be working with the City of Zurich on this important project,” says Christian Meier, Head of Sales and Services Europe at INTEGRA Metering. “Our smart ultrasonic water meters and our experts will help the City of Zurich to take a big step towards more sustainable and smart resource management. We are pleased to be able to make a joint contribution to sustainable water consumption through this collaboration and hope that many more will follow suit.”

As the project progresses, INTEGRA Metering and the City of Zurich will work closely together to ensure a seamless transition of meters and maximise the benefits of this comprehensive project.


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