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Wireless M-Bus Converter

Products Application

  • Communication devices
  • Concentrators

Products Medium

  • Systems & Software
  • Thermal energy
  • Water

Products Process

  • Readout / Transmission

โ€ขย  ย Power supply through M-Bus
โ€ขย  ย Direct reception of radio meters
โ€ขย  ย Meter reading without entering meter site
โ€ขย  ย Secure data transmission with no readout errors
โ€ขย  ย Simple data transfer into your administration software


โ€ขย  ย M-Bus Baud rate 2400 Baud
โ€ขย  ย Primary address 1-250, freely programmable
โ€ขย  ย Secondary address Meter number (8 digits numeric)
โ€ขย  ย Number of meter 4
โ€ขย  ย Wireless M-Bus EN 13757-4
โ€ขย  ย Mode T1/T2
โ€ขย  ย Radio frequency 868 MHz band
โ€ขย  ย Range 200 m (depending on environment)
โ€ขย  ย Supply via M-Bus 7 M-Bus device loads
โ€ขย  ย Dimensions (W x H x D) 96.3 x 40 x 15 mm
โ€ขย  ย Temperature -20 to +50 ยฐC
โ€ขย  ย Protection class IP 54, condensation not permitted
โ€ขย  ย Fastening Screw fastening
โ€ขย  ย Connection 0.5 m 2-wire cable
โ€ขย  ย Parameterization Via M-Bus or USB transceiver / incl. software


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