Universal meter modem range which can be fitted on rails for GSM, GPRS and TCP/IP connections

Products Medium

  • Systems & Software

Products Process

  • Readout / Transmission

•   Interfaces: CL0 (20 mA), M-Bus and RS232
•   Can also be operated on switchboard systems
•   Access secured by means of username and password
•   Transparent readout
•   Watchdog function
•   Error message transmission (GSM version)
•   Can be used in any location
•   Includes dual-bad antenna (GSM version)
•   Saves time and money
•   Increased liquidity
•   Improved data quality
•   Up-to-date and transparent
•   Extremely user-friendly
•   Flexible, universal system
•   Extreme data security

For transmission of meter data from electricity, gas, water and heat meters from various manufacturers via telephone line or GSM/GPRS.


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