Compact magnetic flow meter in industrial and commercial buildings

Products Application

  • Flow meters

Products Medium

  • Thermal energy

Products Process

  • Measure and transmit

•   Cold energy meter for measuring small to large flow rates with one measuring device
•   Integrated flow straightener (bidirectional measuring principle)
•   Cost-effective and fast retrofitting of system modules for data readout
•   Fast exchange of measuring inserts
•   No inlet and outlet sections required
•   Suitable for pipe network monitoring and leakage detection
•   Smart energy measuring


•   Nominal diameter DN15 – DN100
•   Nominal pressure PN16 bar
•   With threaded connection DN 15 – DN 25; wafer type DN 32 – DN 100
•   Temperature range (TFluid): 0°C to 60°C
•   Ambient temperature (TAmb): 2°C to 55°C
•   Suitable for water or water/glycol mixture
•   Measuring tube made of PPE Noryl
•   Protection class IP67
•   Measuring range 0.015m/s – 5m/s
•   Minimum conductivity of the medium 40µPa/cm
•   Accuracy +/- 0,5% v M (+/- 0,004 m/s below 0,5 m/s)
•   Power supply via calculator possible
•   Approval according to MI004 and PTB Cooling K 7.2

•   MID Conform


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