Compact magnetic flowmeter
in industrial and commercial buildings

Products Application

  • Flowmeters

Products Medium

  • Thermal energy

Products Process

  • Measure

โ€ขย  ย Wide measuring range 1 – 250
โ€ขย  ย Long-term measurement stability
โ€ขย  ย Maintenance free
โ€ขย  ย High precision for energy optimization
โ€ขย  ย No configuration required


โ€ขย  ย DN 15 – 100
โ€ขย  ย PN 16
โ€ขย  ย Screwed connections DN 15 – 25, flange mounting DN 32 – 100
โ€ขย  ย Medium temperature up to 60ยฐC
โ€ขย  ย Ambient temperature 2 – 55ยฐC
โ€ขย  ย Noryl EPP measuring tube
โ€ขย  ย Chrome-plated brass flanges
โ€ขย  ย High measuring dynamics 1 – 250
โ€ขย  ย Integrated electronics
โ€ขย  ย Power supply via the CALEC ST II, CALEC EM control unit
โ€ขย  ย IP 67
โ€ขย  ย Measuring range 0.015 – 5 m/s
โ€ขย  ย Minimum electrical conductivity 40 uS/cm
โ€ขย  ย Accuracy +/- 0.5% v M (+/- 0.004 m/s below 0.5 m/s)
โ€ขย  ย Power supply via the CALEC ST II or CALEC EM computer


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