aquaradioยฎ smart RDC Standard

Radio concentrator for fixed network solution 868 MHz

Products Application

  • Concentrators

Products Medium

  • Systems & Software
  • Water

Products Process

  • Readout / Transmission

โ€ขย  ย Intelligent and modular installation concept
โ€ขย  ย Data logging adjustable for individual Meters (5 minutes โ€“ 24 hours)
โ€ขย  ย Remote and local configuration
โ€ขย  ย Secure data transport to the FTP server
โ€ขย  ย Intelligent telegram filtering
โ€ขย  ย Different versions 100/ 500/ 1000 meters
โ€ขย  ย Centralized update for large deployments


โ€ขย  ย Versions / Frequency band 868.95 MHz (OMS, wMBUS according to EN 13757-3,-4, PRIOS)
โ€ขย  ย Interfaces LAN (Ethernet), GPRS
โ€ขย  ย Capacity > 800 000 telegrams
โ€ขย  ย Power supply 100 … 230V AC
โ€ขย  ย Typical power consumption 3 W
โ€ขย  ย IP 40
โ€ขย  ย Operating temperature -25 ยฐC… +65 ยฐC
โ€ขย  ย Storage temperature -30 ยฐC… +70 ยฐC
โ€ขย  ย Humidity 10 %… 70 % (non-condensing)
โ€ขย  ย Internal clock with synchronization
โ€ขย  ย Weight 250 g


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