aquastreamยฎ Radio

Communication Radio module system for water mechanical meters

Products Application

  • Communication devices

Products Medium

  • Systems & Software
  • Water

Products Process

  • Readout / Transmission

โ€ขย  ย Remote reading of information via radio (walk-by or drive-by)
โ€ขย  ย Compatible with Fixed network solutions
โ€ขย  ย Easy programming with Android SmartPhone
โ€ขย  ย Long battery-powered lifetime
โ€ขย  ย Various Data, Events and Alarms for analysing and monitoring
โ€ขย  ย Easy installation on site or existing also premounted on water meter


โ€ขย  ย Protocol WM-Bus compliant EN 13757-4
โ€ขย  ย OMS 4.0 / Frequency 868 MHz / T1 Mode
โ€ขย  ย Interval of emission : every 16 seconds
โ€ขย  ย Meter index : 00000,000 m3 / Configurable during installation
โ€ขย  ย WM-Bus Information: Long Telegram *
โ€ขย  ย Current index value / Reverse water volume / Date and time / Historic volume / Historic Date / Info status / Battery life
โ€ขย  ย *Long telegram when the module is installed on the meter
โ€ขย  ย WM-Bus information: Reduced telegram *
โ€ขย  ย Info status / Battery life
โ€ขย  ย *Reduced telegram when the module is not installed on the meter
โ€ขย  ย Adresses compliant OMS : Manufacturer : IMT Version : 0x05 / 0x01 Serial number: 8-digits
Power supply: Integrated 3.6V lithium battery
โ€ขย  ย Battery lifetime : Up to 16 years
โ€ขย  ย IP 68
โ€ขย  ย Operating temperature : 0ยฐC ร  +55ยฐC
โ€ขย  ย Storage temperature : -20ยฐC ร  +70ยฐC
โ€ขย  ย Humidity rate : Up to 98% relative with condensation
โ€ขย  ย Programming Interface : NFC
โ€ขย  ย Alarms : Tampering/Wrong installation, Overload, Leakage, Low battery, reverse volume, Burst
โ€ขย  ย Programming Software : ParamApp / Compatible with Android > 6.0 / Available under Google Play
โ€ขย  ย Dimensions : 108 mm x 89 mm x 46 mm


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