Multi-functional thermal energy calculator for district heating and building technology

Products Application

  • Building technology
  • Calculators
  • Local / district heating

Products Medium

  • Thermal energy

Products Process

  • Data processing / Evaluation

•   Precise energy measurement of all thermal applications in district heating or building technology
•   Enables smart metering
•   Measurement of heating and cooling in the same apparatus
•   Choice of food
•   Can be used for: heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration or systems with thermal alternative energy
•   Modularly expandable
•   Optimal system integration
•   Easy installation: plug and play


•   Compatible with all standard flow meters which use a pulse output
•   Plug-in computer module with LCD display
•   Power supply 24 VDC / 230 VAC
•   For Pt100 or Pt500 temperature sensors, 2- or 4-wire, Max. cable length 100 m (4-wire)
•   Medium temperature: 0°C to 200°C (-40°C to 180°C special heat transfer fluids)
•   Temperature difference: 0K – 190K (approval 3K – 190K, 1K – 190K according to prEN1434-4:2014)
•   20-bit resolution, typical +/- 0.005K
•   Choice of display units
•   Data logger up to 500 records
•   Calculation cycle 1s
•   24V or 3.6V power supply for flowmeter
•   2 pulse outputs/inputs
•   Communication interfaces M-Bus, LON, BacNet, ModBus, KNX, N2 Open, LoRaWAN, analogue outputs
•   11 different heat transfer media pre-programmed at the factory (option)
•   Metrological approval according to 2014/32/EU (MID) and PTB K 7.2
•   Dimensions: 120mm x 163mm x 49mm


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