Key Management Solution (KMS)

Secured solution for management radio communication keys

Products Application

  • Building technology
  • Software

Products Medium

  • Systems & Software

Products Process

  • Data processing / Evaluation

•   Protects and keeps data for optimal security
•   Key exchange management via a secure Web Server application
•   Access and management of all equipment parks and deliveries
•   Easy extraction of data for optimum transfer to data processing management systems
•   Long-term solution based on a flexible, scalable architecture
•   Management of indivdual Wireless M-Bus and LoRa Keys

•   User-friendly thanks to its Cloud Platform
•   Secure HTTPS access via SSL certificates with individual user access
•   Secured access with personal account login & password
•   Access to delivered meters and communication modules
•   Display status informations
•   Access to batch deliveries
•   Claiming devices for security
•   Download keys informations localy or directly to your systems

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