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ParamApp is a powerful and user-friendly software tool developed by INTEGRA metering dedicated to commissioning, installing and configuration of smart devices or smart meters directly on site.


Ideal solution to manage smart meters for:
•   comissioning
•   installation
•   diagnostic


Full range of possibilities for setting up your devices:
•   Switching on/off radio modules
•   Changing M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus & LoRaWAN parameters
•   Modification of settings (pulse weight, serial numbers)
•   Reading out the events for detailed inspections on site
•   Accessing of Data logger information for deeper analysis
•   Setup of alarms detection (threshold parameters, duration etc.)
•   Data export for further operations


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•   Compatible with: aquastream modules, TOPAS SONIC, RUBIN SONIC, aquaradio MultiCom, Hydropass, AMFLO SONIC DryX, CALEC ST III
•   NFC & Bluetooth reading
•   Parameterization
•   Visualization of events and anomalies
•   Access to module/meter Datalogger data
•   Activation license with different access level
•   Local backup of configuration data
•   Export locally or via email to different formats
•   Application diagnostics
•   Encryption key management (wM-Bus/OMS)
•   Runs on Android
•   Compatible with Android > 6.1
•   Available with Google Play


Installation guides / User manuals

ParamApp® - User manual
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