Mechanical compound water meter for cold water

Products Application

  • Network

Products Medium

  • Water

Products Process

  • Measure and transmit

โ€ขย  ย Cold water meter
โ€ขย  ย High measuring dynamics
โ€ขย  ย Integrated flow straightener
โ€ขย  ย Cost-effective and fast retrofitting of system modules
โ€ขย  ย Fast exchange of measuring inserts
โ€ขย  ย Measurement of high and strongly fluctuating flow rates
โ€ขย  ย No inlet and outlet sections required
โ€ขย  ย With leak detection
โ€ขย  ย Smart water measuring

โ€ขย  ย For horizontal and vertical installation up to DN 100
โ€ขย  ย For horizontal installation with DN 150
โ€ขย  ย Nominal pressure PN 16 bar
โ€ขย  ย Temperature range: 0ยฐC to 50ยฐC
โ€ขย  ย Protection class IP 68
โ€ขย  ย Measuring range up to R6300, depending on nominal size
โ€ขย  ย Accuracy class 2 / T30
โ€ขย  ย Drinking water approval
โ€ขย  ย MID Conform (2004/22/EC), Attachement MI001
โ€ขย  ย Main meter and bypass meter in series up to DN 100
โ€ขย  ย Main meter and bypass meter side by side for DN 150
โ€ขย  ย No differentiation of the design between bypass meter left or right up to DN 100


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