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Transforming the Hotel Six Senses in the Swiss Alps

Discover how INTEGRA Metering played a crucial role in supplying thermal energy solutions to the Hotel Six Senses located in Crans-Montana!

Nestled in the Swiss Alps, Crans-Montana (VS) is a renowned destination that captivates visitors with its breathtaking landscapes, exceptional skiing, and stellar accommodations. Among the many exceptional hotels in this idyllic region, the Hotel Six Senses stands out as 5 star resort and spa, with a distinct Swiss chalet architecture. In 2017 the hotel’s construction started and they soon turned to experts to implement heating, cooling and sanitary installation. Behind its successful construction, lies a collaborative effort between INTEGRA Metering, EDIFEA, and Riedo Clima. Through their expertise and cutting-edge solutions, they were able to exceed the expectation of the Hotel Six Senses.

EDIFEA, a general contractor in Switzerland, joined forces with Riedo Clima, a swiss service provider specializing in heating, cooling, and sanitary installations, to ensure a seamless execution of this project. In their pursuit of excellence, they turned to INTEGRA Metering, an esteemed provider of smart metering solutions, to optimize the building’s energy management systems of the hotel.

INTEGRA Metering’s contributions to the Hotel Six Senses’ construction were pivotal in achieving their energy efficiency goals. The project utilized a range of innovative products, including:

  • CALEC ST II: This smart thermal energy calculator ensures precise energy billing for the network of the hotel’s buildings, promoting transparency.
  • AMFLO SONIC UFA-113: A versatile ultrasonic thermal energy meter, the AMFLO SONIC UFA-113 accurately measures energy consumption and provides valuable data for optimizing heating and cooling systems.
  • AMFLO SONIC Smart: With its advanced ultrasonic technology, the AMFLO SONIC Smart delivers precise measurements and real-time data analysis, enabling efficient energy management.
  • AMFLO MAG Smart: A smart electromagnetic flow meter, which monitors and controls the flow of liquids, ensuring optimal water consumption.
  • AMTRON SONIC D: Designed for district heating systems, the AMTRON SONIC D measures heat transfer accurately, enabling efficient distribution and billing.
  • Saphir modularis: This modular data collection system seamlessly integrates with various meters, providing a comprehensive overview of thermal energy consumption and facilitating informed decision-making.

The collaboration between INTEGRA Metering, EDIFEA, and Riedo Clima has yielded numerous benefits for the Hotel Six Senses. By implementing smart measuring points, the hotel has enjoyed the following advantages:

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: INTEGRA Metering’s smart metering solutions enable precise monitoring and control of energy consumption, resulting in reduced waste and lower operating costs.
  • Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility: By promoting efficient energy use and conservation, the project aligns with the global drive towards sustainability, in an effort to reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: INTEGRA Metering’s smart metering solutions provide valuable insights into energy consumption patterns and empowers the hotel management to make informed decisions for future optimization.

Thanks to the collaboration between INTEGRA Metering, EDIFEA, and Riedo Clima the hotel has achieved significant energy efficiency gains through the implementation of INTEGRA Metering’s smart metering solutions. It is INTEGRA Metering’s expertise and commitment, which have played a crucial role in the successful construction of the Hotel Six Senses.


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