90-year experience in metering technology

Since 1928 INTEGRA Metering stands for metering technology based on generations of quality products and the targeted supply of optimal solutions. LEARN MORE

Committed to deliver quality services

We build on our over 90-years experience to deliver customized and quality services to water and thermal energy suppliers, utilities, municipalities, property management companies, and building operators.

Environmental protection

Protecting the environment is part of our identity. We take particular attention to comply with environmental law and guidelines, and use a large range of indicators to assess our environmental performance.

The INTEGRA Metering Group

Measuring is our element

We market intelligent measurement systems in the fields of water supply and thermal energy. We use innovative, future-oriented solutions to help our customers with data management and integration within superordinate control and evaluation systems.


Smart water meters and readout systems for efficient billing

INTEGRA Metering offers you a complete portfolio of smart metering solutions as well as high-quality and reliable utility water meters for the potable, residential, network, and irrigation applications. All water meters feature full certification for measurement instrument directives (e.g. MID) and international potable water regulations (e.g. SVGW, KTW, WRAS, ACS).

Thermal energy

Holistic energy measurement solutions based on experience and innovation

We provide a large range of calculators, flow meters, and temperature probes for both heating and cooling applications in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings as well as local and district heating supply. INTEGRA Metering combines its premium product offering with the required communication technologies and top engineering services to conclude best measurement solutions and system integration.

Systems & software

Extremely simple integration into data collection systems with INTEGRA Metering

In today’s exponentially connected world , we support our clients and business partners with a complete portfolio of systems and services, from communication modules and software to data management and integration with control, analysis systems, and data protection.


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