Hydrant meter DN 80


With display, Battery >10 years

AMBILL® pocket

Configuration and meter reading

AMBILL® pocket Professional

Configuration and meter reading

AMBILL® aquatarif XL

Practical and competent meter data readout with evaluation


Universal meter modem range which can be fitted on rails for GSM, GPRS and TCP/IP connections


Without display
230 V 50 Hz


Heat calculators


For horizontal installation DN 50 – 100


DN 40 – 300


Water meter for horizontal installation DN 20 – 40


With display
230 V 50/60 Hz / 12…24 VDC /
15 VAC


Composite meter for horizontal installation
DN 150


Optical readout oft he real data with RFID technology M-bus or CS-interface


Compact heating and cooling meter with M-Bus or wireless M-Bus (Radio) according OMS-standard

RUBIN K05/K06 Impulsgeber

Inductive NAMUR pulser per EN 19234

RUBIN OD 01/11 Impulsgeber

NAMUR opto-electronic pulser per EN 60947-7-5-6


Residential water meter DN 15, for horizontal or vertical installation, temperature range 0 – 90°C


Residential water meter DN 15, electronic totalizer with integrated M-Bus interface


Heat calculators

tech preview
  • Multi-function display with plain text and selectable language (D, E, F, I)
  • Medium temperature -50...550°C (approval 1...200°C)
  • Temperature difference 0...190K (approval 3...199K)
  • Integrated power supply for flowmeters
  • Metrological approval according to 2014/32/EU (MID) and PTB K7.2 (cold, hot/cold combined)

CALEC® energy master

Multi functional thermal energy calculator for district heating and building technology

tech preview
  • DN125...250, PN16
  • TFluid = 0 - 80 °C
  • No moving parts
  • Low pressure loss
  • Approval: EN 1434 and PTB K7.2


Electromagnetic compact flowmeter with integrated electronics for energy measurement
in industrial and commercial buildings

AMBILL® derago

Mobile meter reading

tech preview
  • Innovative WALK-BY & DRIVE-BY reading of transmitting heating and cooling counters as well as water and gas meters.
  • Broad support of measuring devices from different manufacturers by using the open communication standard OMS.
  • AMBILL® smart Suite 2 fulfils specific requirements of energy supply companies as well as contracted meter reading companies.
  • It collects automatically all data relevant for billing from all meters.
  • AMBILL® smart Suite 2 combines three tools in one package: Smart Read, Smart Param, Smart Scan

AMBILL® smart suite 2

Meter reading as simple as that

tech preview
  • Fully web based solution (Application Service Provider Solution or local installation)
  • Fully automatic process – from meter reading to billing (paper or email)
  • Consumption based billing
  • Interface to automatic meter reading solutions
  • Interface to accounting systems

AMBILL® easy bill

Web based facility billing system

tech preview
  • Wireless receiver and software in accordance wM-Bus/OMS EN 13757-4
  • Device range of up to 100 m

AMBILL® easy reader

Reading wireless meters

tech preview
  • Remote meter reading for specified meter data
  • Graphical display of load profiles
  • Export of meter data to Edifact, MSCONS, ASCII or Excel format
  • Meter reading via : M-Bus, LONWorks, CL0 (CS), Radio
  • Transmission via : Telephone or GSM modem, Ethernet / Internet, RS232, Infrared interface, Mobile data recording (PDA)


Energy data management system for automated remote meter reading of electricity, gas, water and heat meters

tech preview
  • For use in combination with cold water meters aquabasic® and warm water meters TOPAS PMW-basic

aquadata® M-Bus

M-Bus and pulse transmitter

tech preview
  • M-Bus centre with integrated web server
  • For 20, 60, 120 or 250 M-Bus meters
  • Data logger with plug-in data memory
  • 10/100 Base Ethernet
  • Transparent access to M-Bus


Smart M-Bus data center for configuring, operating and monitoring M-Bus systems

tech preview
  • For use in combination with cold water meters aquabasic® and warm water meters TOPAS PMW-basic

aquapuls® / aquapuls® NAMUR

Open-Collector or NAMUR pulse output

tech preview
  • In combination with cold water meters aquabasic® PMK and warm water meters TOPAS PMW-basic
  • Used for the reading, analysis and monitoring of water consumption
  • High capacitiy of data storage
  • Events management (Number of day of failure, leakage)


Recording, analysis and monitoring module

tech preview
  • Transmits data from meter every 8 to 16 seconds
  • M-Bus input for direct connection with M-Bus meters
  • Internal receiver aerial

aquaradio® smart M-Bus

Stationary readout in non-licensed 868 MHz frequency range

tech preview
  • Transmits every 8 to 16 seconds meter number, meter reading
  • For all meters with pulse generator or open collector output
  • Internal receiver aerial

aquaradio® smart Puls

Stationary readout in non-licensed 868 MHz frequency range

tech preview
  • Remote reading, M-Bus power supply and voltage converter for up to 20 or 60 meters
  • Integrated 230 V mains supply
  • For all meters according to EN1434-3
  • Autonomous M-Bus remote reading unit
  • Automatic data logger

AMBUS® Log Serie

M-Bus data logger for up to 60 M-Bus devices

tech preview
  • M-Bus data centre with integrated web server
  • Integrated level converter for up to 250 M-Bus users
  • LCD touch screen with plain text display
  • Robust, tested casing for any application
  • Optional data logger with slot-in memory card (Compact Flash)


M-Bus data center with integrated web server

tech preview
  • Compact level converter for 20 or 60 meters
  • Opto-electronic interface, RS-232 or RS-485
  • Transmission rate up to 9600 baud
  • Protection against short circuits and overvoltages
  • European standard EN1434


M-Bus level converter

tech preview
  • Integrated power supply for connected meters
  • Up to 250 M-Bus meters for each AMBUS® level converter
  • Data communication via RS 232, RS 485 and M-Bus repeater input
  • Simple M-Bus installation with 4-wire cable



tech preview
  • Versions / Frequency band : 868,95 MHz or 434,475 MHz
  • Radio range : Up to 400 m depending on ambient conditions
  • Bluetooth specification : 2,4 GHz, version 1.1, class 2
  • Bluetooth range : Up to 10 m
  • Data transmission rate : 115,2 kbit/s

aquaradio® smart radio receiver

Radio receiver for mobile walk-by or drive-by meter reading

tech preview
  • Pulse collector with M-Bus interface
  • Signal input with M-Bus interface
  • External power supply 12...18 V AC or 12...24 V DC
  • Configuration using AMBUS® Win software


Pulse collector

tech preview
  • Transformation from wireless M-Bus (EN 13757-4 / OMS) to wired M-Bus (EN 13757-3)
  • M-Bus output to allow direct connection to a central office
  • Internal receiver aerial

AMBILL® smart link

Wireless M-Bus Converter

tech preview
  • Data logger
  • Load profiles and reset values for each new month
  • Configuration and querying of measurement values directly within the device or via M-Bus
  • Complete configuration through M-Bus
  • M-Bus and RS232C interface


Pulse storage module

tech preview
  • Receives radio telegrams of 100/500 or 1000 meters, independent of media
  • Automatic ftp upload (push-mode) via GPRS and/or LAN interface
  • External or internal antennas

aquaradio® smart RDC Standard

Radio concentrator for fixed network solution 868 MHz

tech preview
  • Pt100 or Pt500 sensors
  • 2-wire connection with 2.5 m fixed cable
  • Approvals according to Directive 2004/22/EC (MID)
  • Approvals according to PTB K7.2 (cold measurement / combined cold and heat measurement)

Temperature sensors PLC

2-wire cable temperature sensors for pocket mounting

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